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Many people find themselves confused when it comes to the differences between VGA and HDMI video standards. For the laymen, it can be difficult to know which standard will produce a better quality signal. While some believe it comes down to personal preference, those who consider themselves to be audio/visual aficionados almost always prefer HDMI over VGA for its crisp, exquisite clarity. For the latest in gaming and home theater, you really can't beat the superior quality of HDMI.


HDMI is a relatively new digital video standard, and is considered to be the highest quality standard available at this time. Designed to carry clean, digital signals straight from a digital video source to an HDTV, HDMI is prized for it's user friendliness and superior quality. One of the main reasons the standard is enjoyed is because of its ability to carry both audio and video signals within the housing of a single cable, eliminating the clutter that results from multiple cables intertwining with one another. For households that have a large home theater system hooked up all in the same area, this can be extremely useful.


Unlike HDMI, VGA is an analog standard. Upon its release, it was picked up by many hardware developers and soon became commonly used in electronics. As a rule, the VGA standard has been commonly employed with computers, but not quite as often with HDTVs. While HDMI is capable of carrying multiple signals, VGA can only carry one video signal per cable. VGA technology is rather dated and does not have the advantages that digital signals have to produce images as clearly, like HDMI can, for example. VGA may be on its way out in the near future, as few people prefer it over HDMI these days.

While most people prefer HDMI over VGA, there are some who feel that the "better" of the two is personal preference. The analog quality of VGA produces a bit more subdued and fuzzy picture than HDMI, which may be suitable to watching old VHS tapes but is certainly not a good match for making use of the latest in gaming and home theater technology. Making the jump from VGA to HDMI is a decision that few people ever regret.

Converting Between the Two

Fortunately, if you need to connect a VGA source to an HDMI display it is possible to convert an analog VGA signal to digital HDMI by using a VGA to HDMI adapter. Sewell Direct offers a great HDMI converter to accomplish just this. Thin, lightweight and attractive, this unit is capable of producing flawless results with crisp visuals and perfectly synced audio. To ensure an extremely low defect rate, each united is tested twice before the housing is applied.

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